Breathable Wrist Hand Support Brace Splint for Carpal tunnel Arthritis Sprain Strain

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The Wrist Support can protect your wrist very well when your wrist was injuried,and this Wrist Support allows full fingers movement ,meaning it's particularly useful during working related activities.

Features :
100% Brand New and High Quality.
Breathable, moisture-wicking material is durable, soft and latex-free.
Ideal for healing wrist fractures,wrist sprains, repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis.
Easy to Wear with One Hand and remove.
Designed and approved by medical professionals.
Made of soft ventilated material that allows moisture to wick away from the skin.
The Wrist Support allows full finger movement meaning it's particularly useful during work related activities.
Black material may be preferred for workplace use.

1.Type:Left/Right Wrist Brace
2.Size: Small=18cm.