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Mp3 Player Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter car kit with 2 USB Ports

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Operation Introduction:
1. Play the Music:
Insert the product into the car cigarette lighter socket, then insert MP3 into the appropriate socket, the player will enter to play state automatically after detecting the music files, press Play / Pause to switch.
Turn on the car stereo to FM radio mode, then adjust the reception frequency of car audio and car radio transmission frequency to same, car stereo will play the music machine.
2. Adjust the Transmission Frequency:
Press the "FM" and keys to adjust the frequency of the FM transmitter between 87.5 ~ 89.5 ~ 90.5 ~ MHZ. Long press and then quickly adjust.
3. Short press button or key, you can play the previous song or next song, long press the volume down and volume increases.
4. How to Use Bluetooth Handsfree Function:
The first time you use the speakerphone need to code. The method for code is: open the phone's Bluetooth function and search, after the phone searches for Bluetooth phones successfully, it will bundled machine, then you need to enter the initial password 0000 bundled in the phone. You can make and receive calls via speakerphone after the connection is completed.
If the phone with the hands-free player already had code, phone settings allow automatic connection of Bluetooth, when power on the speakerphone will automatically connect to players and mobile phones. (If the phone is set not to allow automatic connection of Bluetooth, the phone will be prompted to connect or not, different phone models will be slightly different.)
Phone calls when your Bluetooth MP3 is playing music, the player will automatically switch to hands-free mode, press the answer key to the Bluetooth hands-free calls, end the call and then automatically switches back to the music player state, you can press the Bluetooth key to hang up to end the call directly answer.

1. a2dp function. Phone with a2dp function (also means stereo Bluetooth), may be able to play music in your phone through the car stereo AV connectivity (some phones expand playback music called different names, the same connection method as described above).
2. Different phones can be connected to different Bluetooth services simultaneously, but at the same service can only connect a cell phone. Such as A phone connected phone calls, B to connect to the phone calls must take the A phone is disconnected, but the function (in the case a2dp A feature phone is not connected) B phone if a2dp, B phone can single connection a2dp function. A phone call that is hands-free, B phone can play music through the Bluetooth player. In this case, if an incoming call or make a call, the phone will automatically take precedence. It will be automatically transferred to a2dp playback after the call ends.
3. Priority: different functions are used in the case of priority as follows:
Phone calls> a2dp player, U disk music player, SD card music player
Click priority order, any high-priority function is activated, the low priority will be suspended after the end of the high-priority features, low priority will be restored.

Type: Bluetooth Handsfree Phone
Rated Working Voltage: 12V
Limit Working Voltage: 9-26V
Work Rate Consumption: 1W
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 degrees
Support Playback Format: MP3, WMA
SNR: >60dB
Distortion: <0.1%
Frequency Response: 20Hz-15Khz
Left and Right Channel Separation: >60dB
Bluetooth Version: 3.0
USB Output: 5V/2A
Bluetooth Sound Processing: with A2DP (Advance AudioDistribution Profile) Function
Bluetooth Transmission Distance: 10m-15m
FM Transmitting Frequency: 87.5-108.0

Package Includes:
1 x Bluetooth Handsfree Phone
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x User Manual