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New Lighting Portable Camping S-1200 15W 130LM LED Lamp Bulb Light Charged Solar Energy

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Ideal home lighting, camping, cooking, working, reading, emergency and blackouts.
The system is mainly composed of solar panel, light source and battery.
power source: Solar panel, home electricity charging.
In daytime, when there is sunshine, the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric energy and store it in the battery.
The solar light relies on solar energy, which is clean, endless and environment-friendly.
Type: Ball Bulbs
Output Power: 15W
Total Emitters: 12
Luminous Flux: 130LM
CCT/Wavelength: 5500-6500K
Voltage (V): DC 5V
Lifespan: 5000hrs
Available Light Color: Natural White
Sheathing Material: Plastic
Package Contents:
1 x Chargeable Bulb
1 x 0.8w/5v Solar Panel
1 x 3.5Meter Connecting Line