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Brand New High Quality Ultra Slim 360 Protection iphone Case

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1.This case is made up of two parts, the armour PC front case and the PC back case;
2.This Package consists of three parts, the PC front case , the tempered galss and the PC back case ;
3.The case is ultra thin and excellent hand feeling ,with tempered glass screen protector;
4.Easy to put on and easy to take off, perfectly fit for Apple iphone 6 6Plus 6S 6S Plus 7 7Plus;
5.360° protect your phone, especially the cam and screen; 
6.The ultra thin cover fits the phone perfectly and keeps high touch sensitivity.
7.The extreme smooth feeling will make you "can't put it down" .  
8.The plastic PC will not block the signal. 
9.Protect your phone from every day bumps, scratches and dust.